Monday, May 17, 2010


oil/canvas board

The rain is not over, we have a week long forecast for rain but the sun may shine late in the day giving us memorable colors to keep our spirits up during gray days.

The Oklahoma tornadoes of a few days ago missed my home but not by much.  I had strong, strong winds.  Many folks in Tulsa were without power for a day or so.   Clean-up is under way.

My Knockout roses just kept on blooming.


  1. Loving this painting! Fresh, free, and great colour. Also, very glad to know the tornadoes didn't hit you. I went through one of those once when I was a child living in Cleveland, Ohio - kind of exciting but lots of destruction.
    Our back porch got pulled away from the house but that was it - we were lucky.

  2. very nice, i like the "after rain" sky idea. very light a fresh in color and handling

  3. Nice brush work.
    Flowers? Roses. I have yet to even see a flower this spring. Current bushes are now showing some leaves and catkins are on the cottonwoods. Maybe after Memorial day we will see leaves and flowers. And to think. Winter here begins again in 3+ months.

  4. Wonderful painting. Very loose and refreshing!