Tuesday, May 31, 2011


oil/canvas panel

I had the opportunity to visit Oklahoma's Tall Grass Prairie Preserve recently with an artist friend for a day of plein aire painting.   There were some wildflowers blooming although it is still a bit early in the year.  We chose this scene for the distant view and the few wild flowers.  We enjoyed this cool and windy day, had our sack lunch, and stayed on the lookout for bison.  None were to be seen, guess they were beyond a hill somewhere.  We did, however, see the long horns.....and they saw us, stopping their chewing to observe our activities.

We are fortunate to have the preserve in Oklahoma and to have it near enough for a day trip.   It is a pleasure to visit and see the changes with each season.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


oil/canvas panel

During April, Tulsa's Gilcrease Museum staged its annual Rendezvous art event.  Curt Walters was one of the featured artists this year.  He is probably best known for his Grand Canyon paintings which are magnificent.  While in Tulsa for this event, he conducted a master's class workshop for a limited number of participants.  Lucky me, I was one of those.
It was a great  experience. This little painting is one I did on the beautiful grounds of the Gilcrease museum during the workshop.

                                                Gilcrease pond
                                  Curt is preparing to do his first demo.