Tuesday, March 23, 2010


oil/canvas board

Oklahoma received it's March snow storm over the weekend.  I had at least a seven inch accumulation on my patio furniture.   So, please, surely now it is spring.  Snow has all melted and today it is 70 degrees.

Well, there was no snow in my studio so I painted from a photo that brought back memories of a warm day near Taos.  There were five or six of us painting down this side road that led to an old adobe church.   In a close by field, a multitude of sunflowers were blooming.  I am remembering the one guy who was with us standing hip deep in sunflowers with his french easel set up and painting the sun flower field.  I have a photo of him there.  I wonder if he remembers......

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


12X16, oil/canvas board

I love my California (love my Oklahoma, too).  This is the north side of the Morro rock in front of the dunes.  It is ever changing, always something new to see, perhaps the ocean is bluer today than yesterday or maybe a bounty of sand dollars will be lying on the beach waiting to be picked up.  Dogs will be running in and out of the surf and later the surfers will be in the water hoping for the "big one".

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Great Salt Plains Sanctuary Pond

In addition to the distinctive salt plain in northern Oklahoma, there is the adjacent wildlife refuge.  The ponds are fed by Salt Creek and is a popular fly through for migrating birds.  It is beautiful year round (unless there is a drought) but most scenic in spring and fall.  It is one of my favorite spots.  If I am lucky, I may see a road runner.  They are fascinating to watch and, of course,  remind me of the old cartoon I watched as a child.

9x12, oil on canvas board.