OI L PAINTING C L A S S

                                        PA L E T T E KNI F E AND B R U S H

The art of knife painting is enjoyable and the results can be exciting.

The knife is an extremely versatile tool for a wide variety of paint applications, from delicate blends to rough textures. Smooth knife blends allow colors to appear crisp, fresh, and clear. Beautiful things happen to paint and color when applied with a knife, wet on wet.


                 ........ to use my palette colors
                 ........ how to mix the right color (color recipes)
        use knife and brush in tandem
                 ......... principles of composition.

                                 Beginner and intermediate students accepted.

                             Oil is a great medium for beginners, very forgiving.

                       Class size will be limited to allow more “teacher time” per student.

Where: Trinity Methodist Church

37th and Peoria

Continuous classes.

Class times:
6:30—8:30 p.m.

Fee: $20/Class

Instructor: Betty Dalsing
Phone: 918 808 1508