Wednesday, May 5, 2010


When driving the main road through the preserve, there are a couple of places where you see water. 

There is a creek near the old ranch house that runs under the road and then there is this one farther south, that pools beside the road.  Those are very distant trees in the background.

An occasional stock pond can be seen in the distance and I am often fortunate to see a bison herd.

The wind blows, birds fly in and out of tall grasses and bushes, spring is a lovely time of the year in Oklahoma.

11x14. oil/canvas board


  1. Wow this painting blows me away! Your colors are spectacular. I can easily see you love this place, by your words and your use of paint to portray it...
    Just lovely!

  2. Hi Susan, I do love the Tallgrass Preserve and am one of the many local artists who like to paint these scenes. The changing seasons are so distinct and so present. Thanks for your comment about the colors.

  3. Hi Betty; lovely, simply lovely. As Susan said, wonderful use of color.

  4. just surfing stumbled in here from karen sampsons site love your art i work a bit in palette knife .keep up the good work