Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Qiang Huang's Duncan workshop

I feel so fortunate that I was able to take Qiang's workshop last week end. I found him to be an organized, straight shooting, and generous instructor....plus, he can really paint! I am including a photo of him and of his first set up for a demo. You can see his finished painting on his blog. It is a knock out and already sold.

In addition to the painting instruction, he gave a blog marketing talk on Sunday afternoon. Since I am just getting started with my blog and learning how to use it, his information was very valuable to me. I picked up some pointers that I intend to put into practice.

I enjoyed the time spent in class and the visiting time after class. On Saturday evening, after dinner, we had a circle discussion and we talked about everything.......the workshop, artists we admire, Qiang and Song's recent visit to China, and many other topics.

Thanks to Jolene, workshop organizer, for 3 very good days. All of it was of considerable benefit to me.

Would I take another workshop with Qiang? Absolutely!


  1. Betty, Thanks for joining my blog.. I just invited my 69 student email to visit your blog and especially check your your comments on Qiang's workshop. I hope to attend one in Nov.2010!!! Love your plein air work..I am trying to get looser.. a lot different than portrait work!!!
    Janet McGrath

  2. Thanks, Janet, for your visit. I appreciated what you had to say on your blog about taking workshops because I feel the same way. For Qiang's workshop, I used his palette and his method. I choose my workshops carefully looking for an artist who I think offers instruction I can use for my style of painting. I have not taught but am planning classes or a workshop after the first of the year. I will visit your blog often.