Monday, June 14, 2010


oil/canvas board
palette knife

We have had an abundant rainfall this spring and early summer.  The wildflowers are blooming in fields and ditches across my area of Oklahoma.

These are called "something" lace, perhaps Veronica's Lace or Queen's Lace.  The white has faded a bit in this photo of my painting.

In the midst of the green,green, green, the blooms really pop.  In my outing yesterday, I saw fields drifting in the yellow and gold  of Black Eyed Susans along with unidentified purple and orange blooms.

Wild lilies?   I have these in my flower beds.


  1. I love your loose, impressionistic style. The 'Lace' flowers are similar to what we call 'Lacecaps' in UK (Or sometimes 'Cow Parsley') I think they can be poisonous to cattle! Not sure about that, but they are a welcome sign of summer in our hedgerows and roadside verges.
    Best of Luck

  2. Hermosa pintura,muy natural, hermosos paisajes ! Que refrescantes!.Que tengas un lindo día y un saludo fraterno y muchas bendiciones.