Thursday, February 11, 2010


oil/canvas board

Across the nation, we are hoping spring will arrive early this year.  Oklahoma, along with many other states,  has had record snow falls and low temperatures. My neighbor across the road tells me he is thoroughly disgusted with the weather, "too cold to get outside and work", he says.
I understand how he feels, we are usually blessed with many warm days during the winter months.  Days when the sun shines early and the temperature climbs into the high fifties.  We find reasons to be outside, perhaps checking to see if there are leaf buds on the trees or any sign of crocus or jonquils peeking through. " Ahh well, won't be much longer," I say to him hopefully.


  1. Nice.
    What is this about buds? We don't get that kind of novelty here at 7,000 feet until June. And believe it or not we had a skiff of snow this morning which is the first we have had in well over a month. I think the rest of the country is stealing what belongs to us. We are getting pretty cool temps though. And can't complain when we only have 3 seasons here. Last winter, this winter and next winter. It really gets to a newcomer when I tell them that winter begins again in 6 more months.
    You are doing some great work. Keep it coming.

  2. So, Gary, is it a generally a trade-off?....cold and snow for beautiful scenery? I say about Oklahoma that we trade a couple of hot and humid summer months for mostly nice and sometimes spectacular weather the rest of the year. Thanks for visiting and I always appreciate your encouragement. Oh, and I like that phrase "skiff of snow".

  3. Hi Betty!.... Noticed yesterday that you had added my site as a Follower....I was curious to see "Who" you were... and what you painted!

    You have a nice sense of colour and a lucious thick impasto in all of your work... thanks to those painting knives! I particularly like the composition in this winter slope piece... very dynamic!

    We too enjoy deep and seemingly endless winter here in the Georgian Bay region of Ontario, Canada. That's a good thing for the three ski areas closeby... and for "Me"... an outdoor painter/ junkyard dog!HAHA!!!

    Enjoyed my visit to both of your links! I'll return soon... as a Follower to see what's new in your part of the world.Keep up the great work!

    Good painting!
    Bruce Sherman

  4. Hi Bruce, Enjoyed your visit. Our endless winter should be winding down soon but it has been an unusually harsh one for Oklahoma. I love Canada, it is spectacularly beautiful but definitely a winter challenge for a plein air painter. How do you do it??
    I will also be back to visit you - love your work.