Friday, November 20, 2009


Some rain, some sunshine, some wind.....typical weather. The temperatures are pleasant, great time of the year.
We have been busy at the gallery getting ready for the holidays. Our Christmas party and show will be on December 3. We have added many new art works, small and reasonably priced for gift giving and our decorations are smart and eye catching.
Last night was our monthly gallery meeting for all the artists and there was a lights on ceremony just down the street from the gallery. The season is upon us and next week we celebrate Thanksgiving.


  1. It is such a wonderful time of season, especially when there is a temporary rain gently tapping against the window pane and one is inside with a hot cup of tea.

    I can see the wind thrusting its weight against the trees, doing its best to plug the last of the colourful leaves, that will tumble, rather than gracefully descend as if on the wings of a butterfly . . .

    I truly love the mood of this painting.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  2. the 2 yellow trees have a such beautiful light is a wonderful choice of colors . here we don't have those colors on the nature . it makes me get even more fascinated .